Crooked is getting a fresh coat of paint if you wanna check it out. And if you do like your Americana, and live in Edinburgh, Laura Veirs and Okervil River are playing Cabaret Voltaire on the 30th Jan and 3rd of Feb. And I’ve just noticed Nouvelle Vague are playing the Queens Hall on the […]

Local Server

This is part of a regular series of posts describing the woes of computing. I have a tendency to just dive in then forget all about it, so these posts act as reminders of everything I have done. Probably of little interest to anyone else other than those amused by the stumblings of an ignorant […]

The Scuffers support Hayseed Dixie

Had to rush through to Glasgow yesterday after a little birdie told me The Scuffers were supporting Hayseed Dixie. To my shame I’ve never seen Hayseed Dixie before, despite being told of their genius loads of times, so the chance to blag free tickets to see them was not to be missed. I must admit […]

A new project

A new project about to get up and running. A friend is looking to rent out a holiday home in Portmahomack, a wee fishing village somewhere to the North and West of Scotland. Should be quite simple, basic brochureware with contact details etc. It’s never that simple though as it was just dropped into the […]

Accessibility And Style

Here at we will prove that accessible, usable websites built with universality and standards in mind need not be boring. We will show you stunning works of art crafted by some of today’s most progressive accessible web developers and designers. Join us in honoring them and the sites they meticulously and lovingly build. Aiming […]

Do Not Deceive

Oow sair one. BMW German website has been dropped to the bottom of Google’s page rankings because they were using some dodgy SEO techniques. You could argue that Google’s rules are rather vague. “Don’t deceive your users or present different content to search engines than you display to users, which is commonly referred to as […]

Accessibility in the Wild

Terrific example of the lack of understanding about accessibility, this story in the Wall Street Journal about a company called Target getting sued for having an inaccessible website prompted a fairly typical reaction from the ignorant. Next they’ll be suing banks, charging that the blind can’t use drive-up ATMs. I try not to be critical […]

Widget To Your Weblog

Hugh McLeod, a cartoonist (yay) and a marketing guru (boo), has come up with a simple idea to combine the two. The basic jist is to provide other blogs a simple way to show his cartoons on their website. Alongside his cartoons will be some kind of adverts, which will make him money, which he […]

Panda Pops, Ginges and Horses Cock

So you’ve got a car, it’s a bit of a shit heap but never mind, and you want to sell it. Ebay, you think. You can sell anything on ebay. Sit down and try to sell the thing, then think ‘fuck it, can’t be arsed lying about this heap’. So you don’t even try. But […]